Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photo7 (1 of 7): Christmas Decorations

I haven't touched my camera much at all this past year, although I'd like to. A lot of it is just that the camera is put away most of the time, and sometimes I get the impulse to shoot, but don't feel like getting it out.

So, time to use a gimmick to get me back into photography!

I'd say I should start a Photo365 (you know, one of those things where you take a photo every day for a year). Let's be honest though, that's a little bit too much commitment for me. So, I'll just cut it down to a more manageable size -- a Photo7. For every day of the next 7 days I will take at least one photo and post it.

Full disclosure: this blog actually started as a photo a day blog, but I only made it a few months, and that was with cheating!

If it goes well, I might do more Photo7s and choose a theme for each 7 days. But, for this first one, my goal is to just get shooting, so I'll just take pictures of whatever I feel like.

Here is the first:

As you can see, the Christmas decorations are up (my wife is very prompt with decorations, but not as prompt as the radio station that starts Christmas music before Thanksgiving).

I would have taken pictures of something more... lively, but it is just too dark in my living room.

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