Friday, December 25, 2009

7 Days of G7 (7 of 7): Christmas Morning

How handy it is that this seven day series ends on Christmas.  You almost might think I planned it that way!

This year, I planted two fixed lights (a la Strobist) and switched between the G7 and 20D.  The images in this post are only from the G7.  (Last year I did something similar, and the year before I used bounce flash).

The way it was set up, I was shooting at 1/4 power on a Nikon SB-20 and 1/4 on a Sunpak 383.  That gave me around f/3.5-f/4 at ISO 200 on the G7 and f/6.3 at ISO 400 on the 20D.  Note that you can use a larger aperture on the G7 since the chip is smaller and depth of field is larger -- the smaller aperture also allows lower ISO, which is necessary for avoiding noise.

Overall, I thought it went well.  The G7 is quite responsive and performs flawlessly in manual mode with off-camera flash.  The one thing that really bugged me was shutter lag -- from what I could tell, using the off-camera flash actually slowed down the G7 shutter and I often missed shots that I would have gotten on my 20D.  It was long enough to be annoying (I'd estimate 100-200 ms) but not a huge deal.  Without the flash, the G7 seems to respond faster -- I wonder why they do that?  Maybe the G7 tries to talk to the flash (and fails because it is a dummy) before it takes the shot?

Aside from that, I liked the combination quite a bit, and really love the G7 for situations where I'd like to proof a flash setup, especially for a film camera.

Well, here ends the 7-day sequence on the G7.  I can't believe I made it the whole time without posting any macro shots!  Stay tuned for more next year!


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