Monday, December 21, 2009

7 Days of G7 (3 of 7): Olander Co Inc

Boring picture, but there's a nice story behind it.

Oddly enough, my Canon G7 was shipped to me (used, on eBay) with three screws missing.  Strange, right?  Well, I got them to discount the purchase a bit, and set off to find the screws I needed to fix it.

Well, with some experimentation at work, I figured out that I needed M1.6x0.35 screws in both 3mm and 4mm lengths to replace the missing screws.  As luck would have it, I work right down the road from Olander Company Inc, a very well known fastener distributor.  Even better, they allow customers to come in and order parts in small quantities.  And even better than that, for the five screws I asked for, they sampled them for me so I got them for free!

How awesome is that...  they are one of the few companies that would have given me that kind of service, and didn't even hassle me at all about the small quantities.  So, if you ever need screws, head to Olander!

...or, you know, use the internet...

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