Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting Excited...

I'm starting to get pretty excited about my little side project,

For instance, check this out:

(click to see it larger)

Imagine if there was a site where you could look up any lens and immediately get all the info on it, live eBay listings, and previous sale price information... Wouldn't that be cool?

I'm hoping to bring the alpha version of the site live sometime in the next week!

Before then though, I need to add a few things (like a search page) and clean up a few things.

I'll post here when I bring it live!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baseball, 2009

My son's baseball started up again about a month ago (that's him, above, repelling the ball with sheer mental strength). Honestly, I've taken some pictures but I have not really had the desire for baseball photography, or any photography for that matter, lately.

I sorted through some shots today and selected a few of my favorites, pictured here, with no further commentary. Click to see them larger!