Saturday, August 30, 2008

Microstock: First Image Uploaded

I just uploaded my first image (the snowy egret). Mainly I chose it because it is one of my favorites and it seems pretty safe.

Dreamstime gave me this message back:

Current pending time: 127 hours
Great. I need to wait 5 days! I guess that's not too bad. This is also a bad time since it is over Labor Day weekend.

I'll try to carve out time to upload a few more, but uploading the image raised a lot of questions:
  • I tried to search for egrets on Dreamstime to see what competition there was and it came up with no results. Then again, searching for 'business' gave me no results?!?! Obviously something is wrong with my searches right now.
  • Can I do multi-word keywords? (that'd be a no... my keywords got shortened to autumn bird egret egretta fall snowy stream thula wading walking water white)
  • What are all the extra options in the rights management area? Which should I be using?
  • Can I tag the images in Bibble Pro to make my life easier?
Although, editing it, it wasn't quite as safe as I originally thought. The egret was actually only a small portion of the image, so my upload was right around the 3MP limit. The shot itself was a touch soft, but I don't know how important that is in a 3MP image.

Anyway, I need to move on to other stuff right now, but I plan to do a few more shots and get them queued up to see how things go.

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