Monday, April 7, 2008

Purchased: Giottos MM5580 P-pod

I'll admit it, I've been holding out on you.

I decided to purchase the Giottos MM5580 P-pod because it can serve sextuple duty:

  • Monopod
  • Tripod (not a very stable one though)
  • Macro tripod (this should be very useful to me)
  • Light stand (in tripod mode)
  • Background light stand (in macro mode)
  • Walking stick (well, maybe)
Ok, let's be honest, the main selling point beyond the monopod aspects is the fact it can double as a second light stand, which I dearly need and it will save me $25+.

I've found some good deals for the MM5580 on eBay, but I didn't want to post because I didn't want extra competition for the one used MM5580 I was going after. I ended up winning that auction for $53.25 + $10 S/H + $4 tax = ~$67. The best price I found beyond that was $80 with free buy it now shipping (according to the listing) from a seller called vcc113. Be warned though, I sent vcc113 an e-mail to confirm the free shipping, and got no response. From Amazon and other sources, expect to pay around $90.

Once I've had some time with the pod, I'll post a review. For now, here's a list of current eBay listings of the 5580:

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