Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Seonimgyo Bridge

[Yes, really, two posts in two days! Still dumping Korea pictures...]

One of the attractions near Jungmun Tourism Complex is the Seonimgyo bridge (apologies I never got a picture of it from far away so you could see how it is located):

Here it is in the background of a Korean Gatorade I bought:

And here it is before I crossed back over to head to the hotel.

This image was a bit nasty to post-process because it had the interlacing problem from my flaky 20D sensor (a problem that hasn't re-occurred since I've returned to the States). Using the interlace option in PSP XI (on the rotated image) took care of most of the problem, and then I had to spot-edit some areas of a very saturated blue in the dark areas. There were still some remaining artifacts but they aren't evident in these web-resolution images.

I was playing with the exposure of the bridge and I really liked the sun's effect in the sky and the shadowed (almost a silhouette) bridge.

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