Friday, October 12, 2007

Beach Walk (still Korea)

Wow. I lined up the pictures for two entries assuming I'd finish them up when I had a chance. A week later I'm finally posting one of them. Yikes, I must be busier (or lazier) than I thought. On the other hand, I'm still posting pictures from my Korea trip two months ago...

Anyway, the following three pictures are from the walk down to Jungmun beach (scarily, my blog is the first page that pops up when I enter Jungmung beach! Wait, that's because I mispelled (err, misspelled) it... fixed now). It had a long set of steps down a sharp, rain-forest like cliff. Here's from an overlook towards the top:

This is a shot of the stairs about half-way down. It was a very lush, fertile, wet area.

And here is the view from the bottom when you look up. I love the tunnel of vines effect!

The thing I really couldn't wrap my head around when I was there was that it sometimes snows during the Jeju winter. Crazy!

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