Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Playoffs!


I've talked about DPChallenge and the DPL before, but I wanted to tell you the most recent news:

Team Light made the playoffs!

After losing our first match, we (Team Light) worked hard and managed to squeak out a win based on the best average entry score within our conference. The complete score sheet is here. Submissions for the first round of playoffs start next Monday!

Now, for the bad part: our first playoff matchup is against the best team in all of the DPL: The Ribbon Hogs. These guys' lowest score that counted is higher than our average score! In fact, their lowest score that counted toward the DPL season is basically at my personal best, so I'm going to need to step up to give my team a chance to beat them.

But, I feel I'm ready. I've been looking through previous DPC contests to determine exactly what the voters are looking for, and I've learned a bit. I'll share that with you in a future post. Plus, I currently have an image in the voting stage which should give me a new personal best unless the score collapses (it is still early). My goal is to put in two of the best entries that I can do, and spend as much time as needed to do it. I don't want to be the one that lets down my team.

Not to say Team Light will win, but we'll take our shot. If we do win, it will be David taking down Goliath, the Colonists beating the British, Skywalker conquering Vader (without the family stuff), the Cinderella Man, the Miracle on Ice! We'll be legendary!

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