Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blog Links I Like

So, when you have a special hobby you like to read about, such as photography, it is natural to look for the blogs of other people with the same interest. You can either spend a ton of time searching for good blogs (and sifting through a ton of medeocre ones) or you can find someone else who has already done the work and just look at their recommendations.

You know me, I'm not one to waste time on the computer. Oh, wait, yes I am... **cough** **cough** **procratinator** **cough**

Anyway, since my time is at a premium, I appreciate it when Wiedebas does the work for me by putting together a list of good photography blogs. And I'm not just saying that because I am second on the list! Specifically, I found the following blogs really interesting:

  • Photomedic: This is my favorite of the bunch, and not just because he has lots of pictures of pretty women on his site. It is because he tells me how to take good pictures of pretty women! Medic (so called because he also is a paramedic) goes into a lot of detail of the lighting of his shoots and I find his site to be very clean, readable, and enlightening. I'm definitely going to read through each and every post.
  • The Online Photographer: Mike Johnson is an interesting read and has a lot about cameras and lenses. Make sure to read his opinion on point and shoot cameras (short form: they are pieces of sh*t, but get one anyway and learn how to use it).
  • A Story As Told By Sang: The pictures are really what you should go to see on this site. Sang does have a bit of information too, but his pictures are the real draw for me.
While I'm mentioning notable blogs, don't forget about the following business blogs:
  • John Harrington's Photo Business News & Forum: This is a gem if you ever imaging going pro or semi-pro. It has a ton of useful information about managing the business side of photography. One of the few photography blogs for which I've actually read every single entry.
  • Dan Heller's Photography Business Blog: I stumbled upon this while looking for the above link, but it looks really useful. Check it out.
The best part about this post is I'll be able to find these blogs again if I forget about them :)

Check that out, I made it through a whole post without mentioning Strobist.

Oops, nevermind.

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