Monday, March 5, 2007


Without warning, this guy came through White Plaza riding a wheelie. Yes, literally, he came around the corner (probably started out by Tressider) and rode a wheelie through the plaza. I got a few pictures the first time (I got lucky that I was facing the right way) but waited around since it looked like he might go through again. And sure enough, he did, and this was the best picture from the string I took.

Pretty incredible since he probably rode a wheelie, through a decent amount of foot traffic, for 200 yards or more. Not that out of the ordinary though -- a lot of teenagers (and college students) come to Stanford to practice skateboard and bike tricks. At least once a week there are guys outside of Gates doing jumps off of the 3-foot concrete blocks. I've also seen skaters attempting to jump down a six-foot rise of stairs and bicyclists hopping up on to the 1.5 foot blocks. Often, these guys have a friend with a video camera or photo gear to get a record of a trick if they actually land it.

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