Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gay Liberation Part II

You may have noticed that pictures of people are pretty conspicuously absent from these entries. Part of that is for practical reasons: my wife doesn't want pictures of her or the kids posted on the internet (and I don't want to post my friends or their kids either without permission, for similar reasons). The other part of it is that I'm pretty shy about approaching strangers.

That is one advantage of sculptures -- you can experiment with shots that invade personal space without making anyone uncomfortable. I took a number of shots of Gay Liberation and got really close to the sculpture from many angles with my 50 mm lens. I'm hoping to get my nerve up and approach some strangers in the near future for portraits, but for now, sculpture is a good exercise.

Another thing I'd like to point out about the image above: the photo was of the woman on the left (in the overall image, see previous entry). This was her "good side", from almost every other angle I found her decidedly unattractive (I think the casting deformed her face somewhat).

And yes, I'm actually assessing the beauty of a face in a bronze statue.

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