Saturday, January 27, 2007


Currently, the only photo exhibit on display at the Cantor Arts Center is:

The Physique Photography of Dave Martin

Without going into much detail, lets just say that it features well-muscled young men and their genitalia. Still, I checked it out, although it was a struggle to see the merit of the portraits beyond, the, you know. I'll be honest, I was a bit uneasy.

I got two really funny things out of the visit though. First, while I was in there, alone, with a camera (yeah, that had to look a little suspicious) I heard a young female voice in the hall say:
Mom! Don't go in there, that's the most disgusting room I've ever seen!
Well, of course, what do I see next but a middle-aged woman sticking her head around the corner and take a long look. I smiled at her, she smiled at me, and then she reluctantly followed her daughter.

Also interesting was the comment book that was left in the room. The idea was to leave comments for the curators of the museum (which probably gave them some real feedback about including an exhibit that had a warning on the door). One particular page jumped out, reproduced below.

The one in the center cracked me up most of all. "Very educational" and then signing it "Jenae/virgin"... why exactly is the /virgin necessary? Is it a badge of honor or a sign that she got a lot out of the visit?

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