Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baseball, 2009

My son's baseball started up again about a month ago (that's him, above, repelling the ball with sheer mental strength). Honestly, I've taken some pictures but I have not really had the desire for baseball photography, or any photography for that matter, lately.

I sorted through some shots today and selected a few of my favorites, pictured here, with no further commentary. Click to see them larger!


LA-MV PONY Baseball said...

Love your blog — heartfelt and practical. The links are very helpful, too.

I'm guessing your son is playing in Mustang-2 this year?

Might be fun to create a LA-MV DWC group so all of us can compare notes (see the Facebook LA-MV Alumni group), although it sounds like your interest in shooting baseball is waning?

Sean said...

Thanks for the comment -- I'm more than a little slow responding!

It is probably a little too late for a DWC group this year, but next year would be great. Yes, my interest is waning a bit, but it might be back next year, especially if I have a venue for my photos!