Monday, February 2, 2009

Dreaming of David Hobby

Yes, I'm serious, Mr. Strobist himself, David Hobby, appeared in my dream last night.

Don't worry, it wasn't that kind of dream...

This is the gist of the dream (cue wavy image transition):

I'm in a car with a bunch of other guys with David driving. Oddly enough, it is my car (Honda Civic) but way roomier than usual. We're on our way to a Strobist meetup and so the car is full of luggage, flashes, cameras, and other Strobist crap.

We arrive at the meetup and David rolls up the windows before he shuts off the ignition, but they roll up really slow and laboriously. After a moments hesitation, I tell him that the car is unlikely to start again since it has a bad battery or alternator and the windows rolling up that slowly with the car on means something is likely shot. David looks less than pleased and gives me a stern look.

It is at this moment, I realized I not only forgot my flashes and stuff but I also don't even have a camera with me. I opt to not tell David this stuff as we're unloading because he's already pretty perturbed. As I'm unloading, the homeliest dog I've ever seen jumps out of the luggage. I remember that this is David's dog but I forgot how ugly it was -- it is a small white dog with very little hair (not in a good way) and a huge bottom lip that drags on the ground. It comes up to me and I pet it, even though the bottom lip feels like a big bunch of loose, hairy skin.

At this point, I wake up, wondering why the hell David is in my dreams!
Apparently my PhD dissertation has been wearing on me a bit more. I'm sure a dream analysis guru could tell me lots of important things about my relationship with my parents, but I think it is just a build-up of stress and some recent things floating in my mind. For instance, the car problem is real -- my battery isn't great, and a friend at work told us a story of a dog without a bottom jaw the other day.

The weirdest part was just the presence of David Hobby -- I've never even met the guy before and, let's face it, it's not like he plasters his website with pictures of himself!

I know I'm going to have some weird dreams as I reach the end of the road on my PhD, but please, could I just dream about someone prettier than David Hobby? I've seen plenty of beautiful women on the web and on TV -- couldn't one of them stop by?

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