Thursday, January 22, 2009

Microstock: UGCX 2009

I wouldn't say I've abandoned microstock, but it has been pushed way to the backburner lately. I still have hopes of contributing a small number of images and making a little pocket change, but I'm ok if I make nothing on it. I also still have hopes of summarizing my earnings in a post here but have not gotten around to it (heck, I'll save you some trouble -- two Big Macs!).

When I first started reading about the UGCX (User Generated Content Conference & Expo) -- a conference which will including a lot of microstock authors and players -- on Microstock Diaries, I really wasn't all that interested in going. Then I realized it was only 15 miles away, the week after my PhD defense, and an Expo Hall pass was complimentary (including the keynote speeches)...

You can't beat free!

So I've registered (free expo passes are available until Jan 28th) and I'm hoping to get down there to check out a keynote speech or two and take a walk around the Expo floor. I'm not expecting much and I have no goals in going, but why not check it out?

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