Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a Pro!

Two things confirmed me as a professional photographer today.

The first was taking some shots of the experimental apparatus of one of my lab mates. He bought me lunch, so I guess I'm a pro because I took compensation for photography.

The second was that Costco called me up while I was doing the first shoot. Turns out the photograph for our Christmas cards this year (the shot that opened the post) was done by a pro so I need to have a signed release when I pick up our cards.

I'm not sure if they'll just take my word for it that I took the shot or if I'll have to sign a release saying that I give myself permission to use my pictures in my Christmas card. Not sure if I should even both calling before I go or just be ready with a form to sign.

It sure was nice to be called a pro though!


Bernard Shuford said...

My wife had tons of trouble with this at Walmart. She is technically a semi-pro, as she regularly does photography for pay, just not on a full time basis. They finally just started keeping her permission slips on file, but she basically had to sign the permission form every time she bought prints - just because they "could tell" they were done by a pro. It was a pain in the neck and they almost refused to sell her her own prints more than once, but it WAS reassuring that they could tell her work so obviously. In one respect, I'm glad they were doing their job and protecting her at the same time.

Love your blog :) I'm playing some similar games over at if you'd like to drop by.

Sean said...

Thanks for the comment, Bernard.

Must be nice to have a wife in photography too :)

I printed a release for myself to sign when I pick up the shots today, if needed. Hopefully that will be enough.

I'll check out your blog!