Sunday, November 25, 2007

Backlink Note

Wow, three posts in one day. Crazy.

Ever wonder why your post isn't getting an automatic backlink on another page you linked to? I did; a my recent posts haven't been getting the eyes I expected because the backlinks are missing on Strobist.

Turns out, with Blogger's backlinking system, the links are set up the first time you publish and not afterwards. So if you accidentally publish before all your links are in, save it as a draft again, and republish, Google's blog search won't rescan your post and you won't get linked up.

The easy solution is to copy your entire post into a new post and republish it, deleting the old one.

Update 12/4: Had more trouble with backlinks not working today, and I'm not really sure how I fixed it. One thing was I set the feed to 'short' so maybe my links were too far down the page. I tried remaking the page three times and it didn't seem to work. Could be a problem with blogger too, I'm not sure...


B. Sch├╝lke said...

Does your backlinks work now?

Sean said...

It's tough to say. My main use of backlinks before was Strobist, and it looks like Strobist has turned off backlinks.

I do remember it took me a while to get them to work but they did work (many times just a delay before they started to connect).

Sajid Hussain said...

It is depend on me how to i get the backlinks from the other.