Monday, September 3, 2007

And even more camera problems...

A week later, I'm finally getting a chance to go through the pics from Korea in some depth, and the interlacing problem I mentioned earlier popped back up (with less consistency, and some nasty side effects). The worst example is this image (a 100% crop):

Obviously, the problem is less consistent, and generally nastier. I still hope the problem was just due to high humidity (and the fact I was sweating on the camera), but I'm beginning to doubt that. Since my Canon warranty expires at the end of September, I'm going to shoot a bit more this week and see if it pops up again. If it does, I'll send it to Canon. If not, I guess I have to hope the problem goes away and depend on SquareTrade if it doesn't.

I also got one image like this:

That doesn't look like the same problem -- instead I think it was a JPEG compression error. It only happened once, so I'm not really concerned.

I'll also be posting some Korea pics over the next few weeks. I had a lot of nice ones, but managed to miss all the DPC deadlines for them, so this will be my only outlet. Too bad, I had some that I thought would do very well on DPC.

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